Thursday, February 4, 2010

More cheese, please!

You're probably going to get sick of me sharing little videos. Bear with me. It's a novelty for me since I discovered how to take them on my camera and load them up on youtube. I'm sure the fun will wear off in time.

Last night, I was working on dinner and giving Jordan little bits of shredded cheese to snack on. He was getting kind of tired and cranky, but the cheese was helping, and I looked down at him and asked if he wanted more, and he signed "more" to me. I kept giving him a little more and then I'd ask again and he'd sign again. He had done it before, but admittedly I am not very consistent with the sign language instruction, so I was just thrilled that he remembered to use it.

By the way, "more" is signed by bringing your fingertips together in front of you like this:

So, in typical mom fashion, I grabbed the camera and began following him around, repeatedly asking if he wanted more cheese. He was getting quite frustrated with me. Finally, though, at the end of this minute-and-a-half-long clip, he will sign "more" twice. You also get to see him crawl with his cup in his mouth like Logan used to do, try to eat something gross off the floor AND hear him say his favorite (and pretty much only) word, "Uh-oh!" He says it dozens of times a day!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here I am tormenting Jordan to sign "more."


Shanilie said...

Sweet videos. Cute little boy. It is so fun hearing our little ones learn to speak more and more words. My first time here via mama notes. I love meeting new mom bloggers. I'm now following you - please feel free to pop by my blog some time.

Harmony said...

How cute that is my son's favorite and for a long time only sign. I think he thinks it means eat, lol.

Krystal said...

LOL i'm pretty sure Jordan associates it with food too. I can't get him top do any other signs. he did milk ONCE. That's it.