Friday, February 19, 2010

The eyes have it

My baby is a year old, and I have seen him every single day of his life, but if you asked me right now what color his eyes are, I'd have to say I don't know.

It's true! I don't know what color my baby's eyes are!

If I look at them straight-on, generally they look grayish blue, but if I look at them from the side, they look brown. Yesterday, when I was putting him in his car seat in the car, they looked quite green. It's really crazy!

This is him the other day. They appear to be the exact same color as his sweatshirt!

I, as always, Googled it and it seems babies' eyes can change even YEARS into their life. I think mine did at some point. I had chocolate-brown eyes when I was a baby but now they're hazel. There's definite green around the outside with light brown stars in the middle.

Hubby's eyes are a really pretty golden brown color, and Logan has his eyes. I LOVE Logan's brown eyes.

I just wonder what color Jordan's will turn out to be. And when.

And speaking of eyes, I'm really hoping both boys get Hubby's eyes as far as eyesight goes. I got glasses when I was in first grade because I was nearsighted, and Hubby has never needed them. I had LASIK a few years back to correct the problem (one of the best things I ever did!) I hope my boys don't end up with eyesight issues.

However, Logan kind of wants glasses, so if he ever has to get them, it won't be the end of the world. Plus, he looks REALLY SUPER CUTE in them. I kind of love little boys in glasses!

When we went to the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum on Monday, one of Logan's favorite exhibits was the wall of glasses frames that kids could try on. We spent a lot of time there trying on different frames (including the ones pictured on Logan above.) It was fun!

That's all. just a random post about eyes.