Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smartipants review

I'm months into cloth diapering now. I think I started in October but I'm too lazy to go back and check.

Anyway, when I first started accumulating diapers, I had contacted the Smartipants company to see if they would send me a diaper to review. At the time, they weren't doing that and they said if I wanted to be on a list in case they started again, they would keep my name. Yeah right, I thought. Because I had heard good things about the diapers and they were a good price, I bought a boys' three-pack anyway, and I loved them! I reviewed them here.

Well, not too long ago, I received an e-mail asking if I would still be interested in doing a review. Of course I said I was. I received a free Smartipants diaper (light purple) in the mail not too long after that. It was identical to one of the ones I had purchased before.

Here it is, being modeled by Jordan.

I still count Smartipants as one of my favorite diapers. Velcro is easier when changing a toddler who is flopping around like a fish trying to escape, but I think the snaps hold up far better in the wash. Velcro tends to get kind of raggedy after a while.

Speaking of washing, I compared the brand new diaper to the one that had been washed many times and while I can tell which one is new, the old one really isn't showing any signs of wear, and I wash it every other day or so. I always put them in the dryer, too, because I don't have a lot of diapers and never want to wait for them to air-dry.

Not only are the Smartipants holding up well, but they also fit well. Jordan seems comfortable in them, they stay in place, he never has red marks on his thighs or belly from it and they are pretty trim under his clothing.

One of the unique things about Smartipants is the design of the pocket--open at both ends. You're supposed to be able to leave the insert in to let it work itself out in the wash, but I never do. It's habit. I always pull it out. Having both ends open makes it a lot easier to stuff the insert inside the pocket, though!

If you're considering cloth diapering but are thrown off by the cost or the thought of tons of extra laundry, I would recommend you pick up a couple packages of the super easy-to-use Smartipants and give them a try. I don't think you'll regret it. I only have about 10 diapers that I use regularly and I only have to wash a small load every other day. It's not that bad! Usually, I just throw them in before bed and they're ready in the morning.

You can check out Smartipants here for more information or to order some for yourself.


Melissa said...

I had 1 smartipants but the legs seemed too big for my boy. I ended up selling it so I could buy something else. I might have to try again because they are so cute!

Ashley said...

I LOVE smartipants. They are my favorite next to Fuzzi bunz. Fit my youngest daughter perfectly, but my oldest is apperently very sensitive to suede cloth, so they are a no no for her.