Monday, February 1, 2010

Improve yourself 2010 update

Wow. Has another week gone by already?

And more importantly, am I a better mom than I was last week?

Hmmm... I don't know.

This week's post over at Engaged Marriage, the host blog for the Improve Yoursefl 2010 challenge, is about how you should not strive to be perfect, but instead, try to be remarkable.

Examples given:

"Remarkable is being unafraid to stand out.

Remarkable is failing often and then trying again.

Remarkable is having a fire in your belly and an idea that won’t quit.

Remarkable is when you stand for something and make it happen and change the world – or your business or your life – along the way."

Well, I can say I was far from the perfect mom this week, but I can also say that I am unafraid to stand out, I fail often and try again, I won't quit trying to better myself as a mom and I am MAKING IT HAPPEN.

I lost my cool a couple times this week when it came to Jordan's sleep issues, which continue to control many aspects of my life. It was the middle of the night, I hadn't had more than two hours of consecutive sleep in days, and Jordan was crying yet again. I lost my temper. I yelled. I swore. I was not a good mom, at least for a few minutes.

BUT, I haven't quit trying. I am reading blogs, books, websites, etc. and gathering information, and I am trying to be consistent. I am hoping that the steps I take will entice my little one to get more (quality AND quantity) sleep. Then I own't be up all night trying to deal with it and spend half my days trying to get him to nap.

I also took a tip from a friend this week to make a positive change in Logan's life. He now has to earn his up-to-an-hour-a-day of Wii time by doing "homework" such as reading aloud or doing pages in a workbook. I love it because he hasn't fought me on it. He is eagerly attacking the workbooks with a love-to-learn appetite and it's great to see him learning new things and liking it instead of just suffering through it to get video game time.

I have also been trying to take better care of me, so I can be a better mom. I have been eating healthier foods for sure, handling my sugar addiction more effectively, and I lost a pound the past week. Yay!

So, yes, I think I have been totally imperfect, yet remarkable this week, and I intend to keep doing so in the weeks to come.