Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday wrap-up

So, I fried fish tonight. Yep, the day after the maids came, I totally trashed my kitchen with flour, beaten egg, splattered oil and fish stench, because I'm just so smart.

Ugh, at least there's wine. GOOD wine. Chateau Grand Traverse Late Harvest Riesling. Mmmmm....

And it's Friday, so I get Hubby at home for two whole days. Yay! Tried to talk him into taking Monday off so we could take the kids to a hotel Sunday night but no can do. Oh well.

If you get a sec., head over to the Ladybugs & Tonka Trucks blog. They featured me on their blog today. Kinda neat.

Oh, and if you have a spare prayer, please send it on over to little Layla Grace, who is a beautiful, sweet little 2-year-old angel in her last hours or days here on Earth. She's battling a super-aggressive cancer. It's heart-wrenching and has weighed heavily on my mind the last couple days. Hug your kids and be thankful for their health, even if they're driving you nuts.

OK, well, I'm off to enjoy a shower and get this grease off me! Have a great weekend!