Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sugar Fix Day 4

blah blah blah.

i realized today that i no longer really look forward to my morning coffee as i used to. it's just not the same without the cocoa mix in it. i still appreciate the warmth and like the taste, but i don't think of it while i'm working out, LOVE that first sip, and thoroughly enjoy the coffee drinking experience like I did with the sweet stuff in it. I really really loved my mornings drinking my homemade cafe mochas and reading blogs. it was like my daily indulgence.

which got me wondering... when i get back to eating sugar-containing foods in moderation, how am I going to keep it IN MODERATION? am i going to have trouble with it?

i tossed around the idea of just having the cafe mochas on the weekends, but then again, i don't do the morning blog reading thing on the weekends, so it wouldn't be the same. i could just keep it to weekdays i guess. i don't know. or i could allow it every day. after all, it was only a half packet of cocoa mix a day.

anyway, just trying to figure out the next plan of action, i guess. i'm still waiting for the sugar cravings to go away. they're not as bad, though.

what IS remarkably better, i should add, is that I haven't had headaches or brain fog this week like last week. i still get kinda tired in the afternoon but i don't think it's nearly as severe as it was.

ok, so, today's eats. i don't really feel like trying to remember. it's pretty much the same old boring stuff anyway. the only slip-up i had was that i took a small bite of a PB&J. one bite. big whoopdee. i didn't end up head-first in the sugar bowl or anything. i opened some hershey's kisses for logan. oh, man, did they smell awesome.

i did notice i have been eating more cheese than normal, though! ha! i have to watch that one!


Anonymous said...

You know I think it would be fine to keep the coffee treat. If it's something you really enjoy and it can be part of moderation then keep it. I always know its better for me if I have a small treat to look forward to so I don't end up going overboard when I do have something sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristal,

Just wanted to pop in as another sugar addict. Great job on your success so far. I don't know how you managed to smell those donuts the other day and keep your sanity. I too have given up the white stuff for Lent.