Thursday, October 1, 2009

Body After Baby day 4 recap

Well, Day 4 of the Body After Baby Challenge from Mama Notes was a success.

I got in about 12 glasses of water, tracked my food, stayed within my calorie range, did Turbo Jam Cardio Party 1 in the morning and did some upper body weights in the evening.

Food was as follows:

cafe mocha
cottage cheese

Lemon Dill salmon pouch
brussels sprouts

Lunch No. 2
(I was out running errands and got SICK hungry, so I had to stop)
McDonalds hamburger

honeycrisp apple

lean hamburger
whole wheat bun
2% cheese slice
sweet potato oven fries
romaine salad

post-workout recovery
8 oz. chocolate milk

Again, right about 2,000 calories. Right on target.

Upper body training consisted of:
Chest press
1 set of 10 with 60 pounds
3 sets of 5 with 80 pounds
2 sets of 5 with 90 pounds

cable side raise
6 sets of 5 per arm with no weight. (the cable mechanism is 10-15 pounds, i think. I can't do the first weight stack which is 20 pounds. too heavy to maintain good form!)

dumbbell push press
3 sets of 5 with 20-pound dumbbells
3 sets of 5 with 25-pound dumbbells

incline front raise
3 sets of 8 with 10-pound dumbbells

triceps kickbacks
3 sets of 8 with 15-pound dumbbells

triceps pressdown with straight bar
3 sets of 5 with 70 pounds

and that, my friends, is that.

I have a challenge coming up, though. THE WEEKEND! It's always hard to maintain a diet plan on the weekends, especially because it's kind of become a habit to get pizza or Chinese or something like that on the weekend. I am going to propose that if we get a take-out meal, it be Subway or something manageable like that. Although... a slice of pizza is sounding pretty tasty! :)