Thursday, October 15, 2009

Northern Lodge scarf review

Well, these October days here in Michigan have been feeling more and more like November. We had a cool, wet summer and we're kind of having a cool, wet fall too, at least so far.

There is one bonus to all this.

I was leaving the house a couple weeks ago and I stopped to get the mail. Inside was a big puffy package. I opened it up and it was a GORGEOUS hand-crochet scarf made just for me by Patti at the Northern Lodge etsy shop.

I immediately wrapped the six-foot-long scarf around my neck and felt a little more dressed up. It is the "in-between green" scarf and is made of shades of green and some light brown with black in between. There are a variety of different yarn types as well.

Here's me enjoying my scarf. Yes, I took the photo myself.

Since I received the scarf, I have had so many compliments on it. People keep asking me how they can get one. It's easy! Just head over to Patti's shop and take a look around.

Of course, there is another way...

You could enter to win one of Patti's amazing scarves in my Autumn Leaves Giveaway Event by clicking HERE.

I want to thank Patti for sending me this beautiful scarf as a gift, and also for participating in the giveaway event. Her scarf has proven to be one of the most popular pieces in the giveaway, and for good reason. She does beautiful work, and I love knowing that it was made lovingly in a cabin in the Colorado mountains.


Anonymous said...

Krystal-you make that scarf more gorgeous-looks wonderful on you!! Here is a tip for wearing extra long scarves-take scarf-fold it so fringed ends are together-lay folded sacrf around your neck, and feed the loose fringed ends through the folded part-and no more Minnesota (Michigan) mummy wrap!! PS-it's the only chic thing I know.

Thanks for taking the time to promote my shop-I've noticed an increase in traffic. Can't wait to send out my giveaway scarf.

let me know when you need some mittens-making WARM mittens using felted upcycled sweaters-too cute!!

Thanks again-I personally recommend working wiht Krystal to get your shop promoted!
XOXO Patti

Krystal said...

ha ha! thanks for the tip!