Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I need more time!

Happy Wednesday!

The anniversary was OK. Hubby got out of work kind of late, but whatever. I made a super yummy dinner. Pork tenderloin cooked in the crock pot until it was just sooo tender, boiled potatoes with olive oil and herbs, baked apples with raisins and spices, and an asian salad (the bagged kind). Yum!

Between that, the bottle of wine hubby brought home and the bag of Moose Munch he gave me yesterday morning with a card, I don't want to talk about yesterday's eating habits!

So, let's see. Body After Baby Week 3 so far: As far as eating and tracking go, the first three days sucked. Well, I guess my eating on Monday wasn't that bad. But anyway. I didn't get to go to the gym on Sunday. I did The Bar Method (review coming!) in the morning on Monday and hit the weights HARD (full-body, 5X5) on Monday night. I did Turbo Jam yesterday morning. I guess I'm not too far behind as far as exercise goes!

I am feeling quite overwhelmed this morning. I NEED MORE TIME! For one thing, I have a number of reviews I need to do for this blog. Then comes general housekeeping that needs to be done. Then comes the biggie... Hubby is planning to start the Big Bathroom Remodel Project this weekend which means I need to get my garden cleaned out from behind the bathroom window so the old tiles and such can be thrown out the window. I also need to get the shelves and all the bathroom PRODUCTS out of the bathroom (clean out the vanity, etc.) and find a temporary home for all that business. Speaking of gardens, I wanted to move certain plants this fall, and it doesn't look like I am going to get to it! Like I said, I NEED MORE TIME!

And to make matters worse, I'm a genius and signed up for National Novel Writer's Month next month, which means I have committed to writing an entire 50,000-word fiction novel DURING THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER! What was I thinking? I'm going to be getting up at 3 a.m. to try to get in 1500 words a day or however much I need to average. Smart.

Well, anyway, today Logan's class has a field trip to a nature center and currently it's 32 degrees outside. I am going to have to bundle the boys up. I took Logan and got him a winter coat, snow pants, boots, hat and mittens yesterday and I dug out the 6-9 month snow suit for Jordan. Hopefully we can keep everyone warm!

So, I didn't get up in time to do a DVD today. I am supposed to go to a play date at my best friend's. I really need to just stay at home to get some of ths work done for the bathroom, but I don't want her to be mad or hurt.

Can someone please direct me to the Time Store? You know, the place where I can buy a few extra hours for the day?


lizzie said...

I am not mad or hurt:) Hopefully your babes will be happy this afternoon so you can get something done, or dare I say nap.