Friday, October 9, 2009

Fed up Friday

Thought I'd do a little quickie about things I'm fed up with today. I think I'm a little crabby.

1- Toilet paper that leaves lint on my butt. How annoying.

2- PMS (crying and craving)

3- Mascara ads and commercials, because I have yet to see one in which the spokesmodel is not wearing FAKE EYELASHES! Please let us see how the product really works on REAL eyelashes.

4- The way that food/products that are good for you and good for the environment have to cost WAY more than the ones that are crap for you and crap for the Earth.

5- Teething. It hurts my baby. I hate that.

6- Tracking food/counting calories

7- The fact that I am not able to take a nap. I want one. Now. It's cold, it's rainy and I'm tired.

8- Dirty dishes and laundry. And high chair goo. EW!

9- The Paper Pile. It is always threatening to take over my kitchen. Where do all these papers come from and why do they not have a place to go? Random stuff I need or want to keep for one reason or another. I have a paper grocery bag full of "Stuff I Need To Go Through And Find A Place For." I don't wanna! (pouting and stomping my foot)

10- My right arm. The flu shot I got this morning has made my arm feel really heavy. Like I went to the gym and just lifted weights with my right side. A lot of weights. Too many weights.

Wah Wah Wah.


Anonymous said...

LOVE is me in a nutshell!