Monday, October 12, 2009

Body After Baby Week 2 recap

Do I have to?

Week 2 of the Body After Baby Challenge at Mama Notes was not as good as week one. I was NOT that into it. I am pretty sure it was PMS week. I wanted chocolate and simple carbs all week and was crabby and not energetic.

The week's mini challenge was a walking challenge. I was to earn 1 point for every 15 minutes of walking (or running or whatever cardio). I got a whopping 11 points. I could have done SO much better!


I did not track my food all week. That said, I didn't go hog wild, but still, I did not track and probably went over my calories. And my food wasn't as nutritious as it should have been.

I did get in my 3 days of full-body strength training and did at least SOME cardio or other activity the other days. I just wasn't as active as week one.

I did not lose one stinkin' ounce, but hey, I didn't gain anything back either. Holding steady at 161.5 as of Saturday morning.

On to week three!


Unknown said...

Hang in there. It is a new week. Praise the Lord that you didn't gain. Consider that a blessing and move on. Everyone has an "off" week every now and then. Just get back in there this time.

Have a blessed week.

Sarah said...

Good job! hey I considered it a small victory that I didn't gain! And goodness... not gaining when you're PMS-ing... you should totally get extra points for that :)

Harmony said...

I was the same way this week, I just couldn't keep at it and I lost nothing. Oh Well next week will be much better.

Brassy said...

Same here, sistah! Though, my scale did try to taunt me. "Ooohhh, you lost a pound and a half! NO WAIT, CHANGED MAH MIND." No changed. Sigh.

Melinda said...

I'm PMSing, and gained some weight, but not more than I lost last week... if that makes sense. lol.
Hang in there.

Jamie H said...

This post could have been mine! I dito everything you said!