Friday, October 16, 2009

Let the bathroom madness begin!

Oh, Lord, I hope my Hubby (and my marriage) survives this!

The Big, Bad Bathroom Remodeling Project officially began yesterday when, on a whim, Logan and I decided to tear the vinyl flooring up. Don't know why. It was the middle of the afternoon and I had plenty of other things to do, but we just tore it up.

Actually, Logan thought it was fun to be allowed to help, so I'm glad we did it because I'm sure he's going to be kept out of there for the rest of the process.

We took out all the old vinyl tiles except for two that are stuck under the toilet. The floor is so gross underneath! It has been 27 years since this bathroom was redone, so it's waaaaay past due! I remember my dad doing it when I was in first grade.

I also took most of the stuff off the walls. I didn't take the mirror, towel rods, light or switchplate/outlet plates off yet, though.

Anyway, the bell has sounded and we're doing this! It's going to be a messy weekend for sure, and who knows how long after that. It all depends on what hubby finds when he tears out the old tub and the walls, how difficult it is to get the new stuff in, etc. It could get pretty ugly before this ends!

So, here's my nasty bathroom before Logan and I tore out the floor tiles and after.

And we are so afraid of what we will find behind the walls. Especially since I found THIS little gem of a mold spot in our half bath, which backs up to our full bathroom. The moldy spot is the corner where, on the other side of the wall, is the inner corner of the shower. Ew ew ew! This can NOT be good!

Wish us luck!


Christina said...

You know I feel your pain in this!!!! I hope it goes smoothly for you :)