Friday, October 30, 2009

First-child Friday

Babies are cute. They are small and squishy and precious and everyone wants to comment about them. They are photographed a lot and are always meeting one big milestone or another.

And then there's the first child. Older, not as cute in the universal baby sort of way. Kind of forgotten.

I feel bad for Logan sometimes. The baby comes first a lot. I am constantly reminding him that he's still my baby, and he's the one who made me a mom.

So this post is all about my charming little man. He's 4 1/2 years old today. It's his half-birthday.

How did this

become this so quickly?

My little Logan is such a sweet, smart boy.

It's hard to get him to eat, but he likes what he likes, including pancakes!

and he eats his sandwiches crust-first

Lately he's been really into writing notes, so we write back and forth. Here are a couple from the other day.

"Dear Mom, I think you need to give Jordan a nap."
"Dear Mom, If you cook garlic shells for dinner I will give you Good and Plenties."

"Logan is the cutest kid I know and Jordan is the black bean kid I know to!"
(Jordan was chowing on black beans at the time and was covered with them.)

Also, he's at that age where he says cute things. At least, they're funny to me. Like last weekend I had the kids out back on the swing set and Hubby had run into town to get something for the bathroom. While we were on the swings, I heard hammering and I could see hubby's arm through the bathroom window.

I said "Oh, Daddy must be home. I hear him working on the bathroom and I can see his arm moving in there."

Logan replied, "Oh, wow Mom! You must have really good earsight!"

Happy Half Birthday Logan! I love you so so so so so so much!