Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love Thursdays!

Hello everyone!

I love Thursdays because it is the only day in the week I have no obligations. Well, I have one today, but hopefully it won't take long. I have to go to the foot doctor and finally get my custom orthotics so hopefully my feet can start feeling better and maybe even one day I'll be able to properly run again. Wouldn't that be something?!

Of course, I didn't track food again yesterday. I did hit the gym for some weights though. I did:
Incline DB flyes, 5 sets of 5, with 30-pound DBs
Assisted pull-ups, 5 sets of 5, not sure how much assistance because the weight stack is old and the numbers are worn off. Suffice to say it was very hard!
DB step-ups holding 15 pounders, 3 sets of 20 per leg
Overhead DB press, 5 sets of 5, with 25 pound DBs (did 30s on the last set. ouch!)
DB pull-overs, 5 sets of 5, with a 40 pound DB
leg curl, 5 sets of 5, 85 pounds (100 pounds on the last set. ouch!)

So today I need to do cardio. And track food. Yeah.

Boy, typing is hard. I have such dry hands right now, my right pointer fingertip has CRACKED! So, I have a band-aid on it, and that makes it really tough to type without a bunch of errors.

And that, my friends, wins the Pissed-Off Pumpkin Award for the day. (This is my favorite of the ones Logan drew yesterday. He just looks so angry! His eyes follow me around the living room.)

So that's that. The rest of my day will consist of motherhood, housewifedom and getting ready for DUM-DUM-DUM the Big, Bad, Bathroom Project.