Friday, October 23, 2009

A dreary Friday!

Hello friends!

Well, it is an ugly, rainy fall day here in mid-Michigan. It's too bad because the leaves have reached their color peak. We need a bright, sunny day to appreciate them, but instead there is lots of rain and wind in the forecast, which means they'll likely all just fall and blow off the trees.

Took Logan to school today with a little friend. We found a woolly bear caterpillar on Wednesday evening and he's been living in Logan's little bug box the past few days, eating leaves and pooping. We'll probably snap a few photos of him after school today and then release him to go about his business outside. The kids are studying insects in school this month and are encouraged to bring in bugs to look at, and then release.

Spent some time last night on the couch with Jordan. He cried at about 2, I got up, popped him on the boob and laid us down and fell asleep. Woke up around 5 TOTALLY kinked up from sleeping in a weird position to keep baby from falling off the couch. Put him in his crib and went to our room only to find Logan in bed with my Hubby. Guess it was Sleep With Your Kids night at our house!

I am on my way to cloth diapering. I bought a set of pre-folds at Wal-Mart yesterday and figure if I don't like them, I can just use them as doublers in other diapers. I also am getting a few different diapers and covers from etsy to try out. I will be reviewing the different ones I try. I also want to order a couple better-known brands, like Fuzzi Bunz and Bum Genius because I've heard good things about them from several people. Just trying to decide if I should go with all-in-ones or fitted ones. I would like to try the Gro-Baby disposable liner ones for travel as well.

As far as money goes, it's seeming quite expensive to get rolling, but I figure if I use each diaper 20 times, it will have paid for itself as far as what it would cost to use disposables. Since I'm not getting a TON of diapers, I imagine I will reach that 20-use mark quite quickly.

NOTE: The above statement clearly indicates WHY I went into writing as a profession and NOT anything involving mathematics.

The correction: If I use each diaper 80 TIMES, it will pay for itself. That's based on a 40-pack of disposables costing about $10, and a cloth diaper costing about $20. Therefore a cloth diaper costs about as much as two packs of disposables, so therefore, in terms of cost, one cloth diaper = 80 disposable diapers. I don't know why I said 20. I am so math-dumb.

Carry on.

As far as bedtime, I will probably still use a disposable, since Jordan wets a lot in his sleep.

Sorry about all the cloth diapering talk lately! You'll just have to bear with me as I make this transition.

You wouldn't think that something so simple would cause so much confusion, but there are so many more options out there now than there were when I was cloth diapered. My mom needed flat diapers, pins and some rubber pants to cover them. That's all there was! Now there are flat, prefold, all-in-one, fitted, pocket, hemp, fleece, cotton, organic cotton, wool, bamboo, Zorb, PUL, velcro, pins, Snappis, this color, that print, and so on. SO MUCH TO DECIDE!

It's Friday! Logan's last day of soccer is tomorrow. Thank goodness, because the weather has been CRAP the past few times and it might be so tomorrow as well. Hubby will be working on the bathroom this weekend and will hopefully get us a functioning tub at least. That will be so nice!

So, anyway, it will be a busy weekend around here, but that's what life is all about!

Fitness-wise, I would have liked to get up and do a DVD this morning, but it just didn't happen. I was too tired. Everyone was, I guess, because I had to PRY Logan out of bed for school. I'll go to the gym tonight, though, for a workout (probably weights) and a shower.

Lots to do around the house today. Hopefully I can make a dent!

Have a great day everyone!