Monday, October 5, 2009

Body After Baby Week One Recap


Well, week one of the Body After Baby Challenge from Mama Notes went pretty well. I managed to get in at least 8 glasses of water for each of the seven days, so I guess that means I got 56 points in the first week's mini challenge. (8 times 7 is 56, right?)

I started out at 163.5. Almost did backflips on Saturday morning when I weighed in at 160.0 but I think I must have been dehydrated or something because I was 162.5 on Sunday morning and 161.5 this morning. I guess I am going to count today's weight and say I lost 2 pounds the first week. Not as great as the 3.5 pounds I thought I'd lost but better than nothing!

I exercised 6 of the 7 days of the first week and tracked my food all week but slacked off on the weekend. Still, I didn't eat a bunch of junk on the weekend, I just didn't track.

Thwarted cravings for week one: PIZZA and cinnamon rolls. I wanted both quite badly at times but didn't cave!

I won't go back and report all the workouts from last week, but I am doing my best to create a "muscle confusion" kind of situation. I am doing something different most days. The key is just being active. I have a bunch of different workout DVDs and programs that I am reviewing for this blog and I am slowly going about doing them. Last week I finished up a month of a four-day upper body-lower body split as far as strength training goes, and this week I am going to do a three-day full-body program, in addition to whatever DVDs and cardio I throw in.

Saturday I jog/walked 3.4 miles in 37 minutes

Sunday I did Day 1 of my full-body workout:
10 minutes on elliptical to warm up
Decline chest press: 15 w/ 30 pound DBs, 10 w/ 40 pound DBs, 6 w/ 45 pound DBs
Lat sweep: 12 with 40 pounds, 8 with 50 pounds, 5 with 60 pounds. OUCH!
Goblet squat: 3 fast sets of 20 holding a 17.5-pound DB
side-lying rear delt, per arm: 15 w/ 7 pounds, 10 w/ 10 pounds, 6 w/ 12.5 pounds
Cable rope pressdown: 15 w/ 40 pounds, 10 w/ 50 pounds, 6 w/ 60 pounds
walking lunge: once around the track, lunge straights and walk curves w/15 lb DBs

It's Monday, so back to tracking the food, too.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Christina said...

Great job Krys!!!!!!!

beth said...

Sounds like you are on the right track! It's normal for your weight to fluctuate throughout the day/week...

Melinda said...

Gerat Job.

I slacked off with my work outs some.
And I didn't track food on my birthday. I knew the piece of cake would kill me lol.

Sarah said...

Good job! I hate how my weight fluctuates from day to day. I wish I could stick to just weighing one day a week, but I'm too curious for that :)

Jamie H said...

Great start!