Monday, October 26, 2009

A new week!

How was your weekend?

Saturday was Logan's last soccer day. It was about 44 degrees, drizzling and windy. Fun. I bundled the baby up in his snowsuit and we went, since I've skipped the last couple due to the weather, but we were there about 15 minutes and the baby was crying because he was cold and wet, so I left and walked around KMart with him for about a half hour then went back to pick up Logan because Hubby didn't have the car seat in his truck.

My father-in-law took us out to lunch after soccer then it was back home so Hubby could work on the bathroom, where he ran into a REALLY ANNOYING SNAFU with a pipe. It had to be moved up about a quarter inch so the faucet could come through the prefab shower wall. That involved calling out a plumber. He was literally here for 10 minutes and it cost $150. CRAP!

So, Hubs spent the rest of the day working in the bathroom and then on Sunday morning he helped me get the kiddies ready and I took Logan to Sunday School and Jordan to church with me, then took both boys grocery shopping. Hubby stayed home to work on the bathroom some more. I took the boys outside for a while because it was pretty nice out. Got all my plant pots off the back deck, and transplanted half my strawberries. (I wanted to move them all but decided to leave half of them where they were until spring in case my transplanting killed the other ones. I didn't want to kill them all!)

After we were good and dirty, I took the boys over to the neighbor's for a three-in-one bath and shower event. What fun! Came home, had dinner, got the baby to bed, write my column, got Logan to bed, baby woke up and cried, got him back to bed and got myself to bed.

Baby was up at 1, so I nursed him (a habit I need to break. The kid will not sleep through, and I keep breaking down and just nursing because it's easiest) and went back to bed, but the baby was back awake at 2:30. I actually tried to ignore him. FOR TWO HOURS. And he stayed awake. But he was just kind of whining, not full-on crying. So I finally got up at 4:30, nursed him, gave him a sleep sack over his jammies (He felt cold. Maybe that's why he was up from 2:30-4:30? I don't know.) and put him back to bed. Then I went out for a 2 1/2 mile run and went to the gym for a shower.

And here I am.

So, our bathroom has walls and a tub but now Hubby has to do the whole mud and sand and mud and sand and prime and paint and paint and paint process. Then he's got to tile the floor. Then he's got to install the toilet and vanity and lights. And THEN, my friends, I shall have a bathroom again. I think maybe this week we might be able to use the tub for careful, non-splashy baths. Not positive about that, though.

Anyway, lots left to do, but Hubby is doing a great job and being very careful to do it right, and I appreciate that!

On to the week ahead. It's a typical week with school, swim, karate, etc. I have an appointment to get the boys some H1N1 shots on Tuesday (shhh... don't tell Logan!) and probably some sort of special Halloween play date with my best friend and her kids on Wednesday evening.

I also have a bunch of cloth diapering stuff coming in the mail. Diapers, covers, Snappis, wool longies, etc. Once I'm all set up, I will hopefully join the ranks of cloth diapering. I have three cloth diapers right now, but only one of them fits Jordan right. I have used it a few times and had my first cloth diaper poo on Friday. It was amazingly horrible. I had no idea how to deal with it. I had no system set up for getting rid of the poo. (And to add to the horror, when I Googled it, I saw the phrase "Some moms keep a spatula on hand for scraping the poop into the toilet." GROSS! But necessary, I have found!) I had to rinse the diaper in the sink because I had no where else to do it, and so I had little bits of undigested carrot in the sink. Seriously. NASTY! Then I had to mega clean the sink several times.

Anyway, I don't know if it's going to be as easy as some moms say it is or if I just have to devise a system for myself and then it will get easier. We shall see. I need to get all my supplies and such in place and then I'll give it a whirl. Aren't you excited? More cloth diapering talk to come! Lucky you!

I'll do my Body After Baby update later. Probably tomorrow. Not that there's a whole lot to update!

For now, I'm off. Have a great day/week/end of October!