Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Good morning!

Well, Hubby decided to stay home from work today and take a ding on his spotless attendance record so he can hopefully get the bathtub functioning. This is good! Yesterday's shower at the gym with both boys is something I hope never to have to repeat! It was really rough. Jordan screamed the whole time. I had one of our pool towels on the floor of the shower so he could sit there, but he kept trying to pull up and kept slipping. The stall was TINY and Logan and Jordan and I were all crammed in there, and because Logan is over the age of 3, we had to do it in the "family" locker room, which means there are men AND women in there, and there were 3-inch gaps on each side of the shower curtain, so I showered in my bathing suit. Yes, it was an unsatisfactory experience.

Anyway, can't wait to see the bathroom progress today. Plus, I think I found a shower curtain I like! Yay! It's online, though, so I can't see it in person first, which bugs me.

Click here to see it.

Despite Jordan not going to bed until 11 and me getting up with him again from 3:30 to 4:30, I got up at 5:40 and hauled my sorry butt to the gym! I jogged a mile, did some weights and ended with my 50 crunches for today.
The weights i did are:
single-arm incline flyes, 3 sets of 8 per arm with a 20-pound DB
single-leg deadlifts holding 20-pound DBs, 3 sets of 8 per leg
single-arm lat pulldown, 3 sets of 8 per arm with 40 pounds
single-arm rear delt flye with 12.5 pounds

Then I came home and went into the bathroom and on a whim decided to hop on the scale. I smiled. 159.5. FINALLY the 150s! It's only by a half pound, though, so I am expecting my typical thing where I see a small number and then it disappears for a while before I see it again. I mean, it's first thing in the morning and I just sweated a bunch, so I was probably dehydrated.

BUT... I saw it with my own two eyes. And I got off the scale and back on twice just to make sure.

So, I'm off to nab a cup of coffee and then post my Wordless Wednesday, then get Logan off to school and then after school we have a play date.

Hope you all have a great day!