Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sleep is my friend!

Good morning! (almost afternoon...)

Most weekdays, I get up hours before the boys. That allows me to update my blog, read a few others, enjoy my cafe mocha and if I'm really lucky (motivated) get in a workout DVD. It's a great feeling to have the blog updated, the DVD done and the coffee down when the boys wake up, then I can go about the business of feeding them. (which often takes HOURS in Logan's case. More about this later, I'm sure...)

Well, that didn't happen this morning!

I was very tired yesterday. Pretty much didn't get back to sleep after 3 a.m. Got up, got my Autumn Leaves Giveaway Event up and running and got Logan ready for picture day at preschool. Then I came home, got Jordan down for his nap, did a Kettleworks kettlebell DVD, picked Logan up, did some laundry and prepped dinner and tried desperately all afternoon without success to get Jordan down for his second nap before Logan's karate at 5.

Being tired put me in the FOOD MOOD in a bad way yesterday. I was SO snacky! I tracked MOST of my food except for a random handful of Goldfish crackers here and a slug of OJ there. I went over my calories, but I don't think it was by TOO much. Honestly probably a couple hundred calories. Nothing that's going to "make it or break it" but it was annoying. I know I was so snacky just because I was tired and had no energy.

Which brings me to this morning... I put the flannel sheets on the bed last night and I blame them. I got up a couple times with Jordan in the early morning hours (No, he's 8 months old tomorrow and I still haven't been able to get him to sleep ALL THE WAY through the night without waking up. I always cave and nurse him because I am so tired and just want to sleep instead of listening to him scream for four hours straight.) and I actually went back to sleep after hubby got up, which doesn't often happen anymore. And then, I was awakened by the sounds of the boys waking up and I pulled the pillow off my head and realized it was 8:20.

8:20! CRAP! We have to leave no later than 8:40 on Tuesdays for Jordan's swim class at 9!

So--and this is so gross--none of us even washed our faces or brushed our teeth before swim class. I literally just put sweats on Logan and myself, left Jordan in his pee diaper and PJs and hauled butt to the gym. Still, I was a couple minutes late. Everyone else was already in the water by the time we got changed and into the pool area.

So, that's how my day started today! I am kind of bummed that I didn't get up and do my DVD and stuff, but I guess my body was telling me I needed to catch up on my sleep.

Here's what's on tap for the rest of the day: Put away laundry. Possibly wash more. Yay. Tackle mountain of nasty dirty dishes. Get dinner prepped for tonight, and if I'm ambitious enough, for tomorrow too. Be Mommy. Get Logan to karate (last night was a make-up class) by 4:30. Get in a weights workout, because we have a late play date and I might not get to it tomorrow. Watch The Biggest Loser, or if we're going to be realistic, watch the first 20 minutes of The Biggest Loser then fall asleep on the couch.

Guess I better get rolling. Have a great day!


Mellissa said...

The panic of waking up when you need to be somewhere soon is horrible!