Monday, October 19, 2009

Body After Baby Week 3 recap

I don't want to type this post.

I completely failed at Week 3 of the Body After Baby Challenge over at Mama Notes.

So, let's recap. I did great in week 1. Sucked in week 2. Sucked worse in week 3.

I could use all sorts of excuses, like the fact that Aunt Flo stopped in for a visit on Friday, and our house is in shambles due to the bathroom project, which meant I didn't get to go to the gym or work out at all this weekend because Hubby was busy and we couldn't trade off the kids like we usually do. Plus, we went out for lunch on Saturday after Logan's soccer and got pizza Saturday night.

But really, there is no excuse. I just plain didn't make the effort to work out hard or eat healthy all the time.

The week's mini challenge was to eat healthy meals (which was defined as meals including at least 2 food groups). You could get a maximum of 3 points a day. Well, I did eat mostly healthy meals. I got 17 points. But the problems lie in the crap I eat BETWEEN meals!

So, Saturday morning's weigh-in was one pound UP from last week. Period bloat? I hope so! It sucks though.

On to Week 4.

I am not sure what the week will look like as far as working out. I think Hubby got up and went to the gym this morning so that means I should be able to go tonight. I don't think he's planning to do any big projects in the bathroom until next weekend (which means I am bath and showerless! I will have to either shower at the gym or beg the neighbors to use theirs!)

I did do all three of my heavy full-body weights workouts last week. I don't have a problem doing weights. I plan to do some sort of single arm-single leg workouts this week. I need to somehow get in more cardio, though.

Anyway, all I can do is try to do better than week 3.

But I'm wondering how I can motivate myself. I am quite unmotivated and I'm not sure why.


taylor(leslie) said...

I am unmotivated too! What is with that? (I think that I have alot on my plate already and I am struggling with juggling it I want to commit to this and change my health but I am not doing as well as I had hoped...Can I get 2 extra hours in the day?!?

Week 4 will have to be our week!!!

Good Luck and I hoped the bathroom woes get resolved soon! =)

Sarah said...

hang in there! You're doing good. periods throw everything off! this week will be better.

Unknown said...

I am sure next week will be better. Hang in there. Life sometimes gets in the way and we just have to roll with it.

Melinda said...

Hang in there!
I had some problems with the eating healthy/balanced meals. I like to eat just one thing at a time. lol.

Good luck with the bathroom.
We had part of our ceiling collapse into our tub a few months ago. I was without a bath/shower at my house for a week. Thankfully my inlaws live next door.