Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Keepsakes by Kristie review

Four years ago, in October, Hubby, Logan and I took a road trip to the East Coast. We stayed in Salem, Mass., and took a day trip driving north along the coast to Cape Ann.

The first town we stopped to visit was Gloucester, Mass. With its famous Fishermen's Memorial statue (Think the Gorton's Fisherman from the fish stick commercials), stunning ocean views and gorgeous art galleries, Gloucester will always stick in my memory as a wonderful place to visit.

We aren't much for buying souvenirs on vacation. We take a lot of photographs and that's about it. I did, however, pick up a couple pieces of beach glass and pasted them into my photo album.

As I was looking for artisans for my Autumn Leaves Giveaway, I stumbled across a shop called Keepsakes by Kristie, and lo and behold, her jewelry is made from beach glass she picks up right there in Gloucester!

I got this beautiful necklace made with three colors of authentic Gloucester beach glass, and accented with matching crystal beads. Isn't it gorgeous?

Kristie's necklace is the perfect reminder of the time I spent with my family, walking along the shore of the Atlantic, picking up pieces of beach glass. Even though I got it four years after the trip, I still consider this piece to be a souvenir of my vacation to the ocean.

I am proud to feature another one of Kristie's beautiful beach glass and pottery creations in my giveaway.

Click here to enter to win her leaf necklace!

If you love the ocean, you have to check out Kristie's beautiful creations.

Visit the Keepsakes by Kristie etsy shop here.