Friday, October 2, 2009

I took a day off!

Yesterday was Day 5 of the Body After Baby challenge, and I took a day off of exercise.

I spent the day working on cleaning the house and holding my fussy baby. I got both bathrooms cleaned as well as both the boys' rooms. I did dishes and laundry but haven't put the laundry away yet, and you can't tell I did dishes. I did some cleaning in the kitchen, too, but you really can't tell that either. I swear, everything I do is undone within hours.

Logan came home yesterday afternoon and it was crazy. The quiet of the previous 4 days disappeared. I forget how much that kid TALKS and TALKS and TALKS! His little mouth never stops running! I missed him, though, and he was excited to be home.

Hubby had to take some work people to the Tigers baseball game yesterday (poor baby) and then he had to go back to the office after the game, so it ended up being a late night for him. Those days suck. I remember that feeling from when I was the assistant editor at the newspaper and everyone else has gone home for the day and there you sit, just knowing you have several hours of work left (and Hubby has a long commute too). It's draining.

So, the boys and I were on our own for dinner. Logan suggested Hungry Howie's Pizza and my hand twitched toward the phone but I made fish sticks, broccoli and brown and wild rice instead. Yeah, fish sticks... not all that healthy but they were tasty!

Had a lot of trouble getting Jordan to bed. He was really fussy. I am not sure if his tummy was upset because he had egg yolk for the first time at breakfast or what the problem was. He didn't sleep very well all night either. Logan didn't want to go to bed either. Finally, though, I got him to go to sleep too. Then Hubby came home and brought Dairy Queen Pumpkin Pie Blizzards! Yikes! I had been right on track with food all day, and a small pumpkin pie blizzard is 570 calories! I had something like 300 calories technically left for the day, though, and I scooped about a third of the blizzard and put it in a bowl, then gave the rest to Hubby since his got spilled.
SO... even with the blizzard I was on track for calories anyway. No exercise, but I think I kind of needed a day off to recover.

Between today and tomorrow I need to do cardio and legs. Not sure what I'll get to tonight. We'll see how much time I have.

Logan has school today and then we have a play date, so that's about that.


MarciaG said...

Good to know that those Blizzards are back!
Haha!! I love those.
Great job with Body After Baby!!!!

Christina said...

You dont know HOW PISSED I am that they couldnt wait to make that Blizzard Nov's Blizzard of the Month. LOL Glad you got to enjoy some though and fit it in. I think I could fit in maybe 3 bites on my current plan. Argh. Wonder how well one would freeze for a week??? Hmmmm?????