Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can a 4 year old be anorexic?

I love food. Hubby loves food. It appears that our 8 month old loves food. So how can it be that our firstborn son, the illustrious Logan, can have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN FOOD WHATSOEVER?!

If I had a nickel for every time I have had to say "Logan, eat," I'd be living in an oceanside mansion in Bar Harbor, Maine, with a maid, masseuse, cook and gardener.

Every meal with the child is a struggle. Meals can take, literally, hours. Just yesterday I made his lunch at 12:30. Lunch was all things he likes--crappy dinosaur chicken nuggets (because dinosaurs are just so awesome), some raw green beans, a handful of chick peas and a glass of calcium-fortified orange juice (because the kid won't touch milk, cheese, yogurt, or any other dairy that is not ice cream).

By 1:30, two of the five nuggets and maybe two green beans were gone. And the juice.

As 2 p.m. approached, I got antsy. I HAD to get to the store to get a couple things, get home and get some dinner made before karate at 4:30. We HAD to go. Finally, I resorted to putting the rest of the nuggets and green beans into a baggie and informing Logan that he would be riding in the cart and eating his lunch instead of running around the store like a crazy man. He screamed. I told him too bad.

Well, he did end up eating the food while we were at the store (yeah, 2 1/2 hours later), except for the half a nugget he dropped on the floor. Then it was time to come home, go to karate, and start the dinner battle.

I am not kidding, it is exhausting spending whole HOURS of your day trying to get a SUPER SCRAWNY little boy to consume some calories.

The pediatrician tells us not to worry, because "kids will eat when they're hungry." HOW can I not worry when the kid almost never wants to eat, and he is nothing but skin and bones? At this rate, Jordan will be bigger when he's 2 and Logan's 6.

I am at a loss.

When Jordan was about 5 weeks old, Logan got a nasty stomach virus. He was throwing up for a week and ate almost nothing for that whole week. He looked like a concentration camp victim. Jutting bones, purple circles under his eyes, very pale. It was so scary. Then that virus went away and he actually got an appetite. For a few months, even, it was no chore to get Logan to eat three decent meals a day, plus a snack. I was thrilled. He even put on a pound or two (but was still painfully skinny).

Now all of a sudden, he doesn't want to eat anymore. Doesn't want to eat so much that when you ask him what he wants to eat, he tells you he doesn't want to talk about it.


I won't do the whole thing where I make him a completely separate dinner just to get him to eat. For one thing, I think that's ridiculous. It spoils kids, and makes them think we are their slaves. Plus, I know he likes most of the food I make, when he's of amind to. If I make something he really, truly does not like (and he has to TRY it) then sometimes I will make him another option, but most of the time he's expected to eat what we're having.

I just don't know what to do to get this kid to EAT!


Mellissa said...

I was a horrible eater as a kid, I remember being at the table for hours! I hope he grows out of it, and just starts chowing down one day.