Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary honey!

It's October 13, so that means, according to the etching on the inside of my wedding ring, that it's my anniversary!

When people ask how long, I reply "Eight years married, eighteen together."

Then I get a look. I guess in this day and age it's hard to believe that we were together for 10 years before we got married, but it's true.

And just because I love to share it, here's my sappy love story:

I was 15 years old and attending driver's training. There was this guy there from the rival high school across town. My friend and I called him "the kid in the B.U.M. shirt." He tried to talk to me. I blew him off. I reconsidered and on the last day of driver's training, we exchanged phone numbers. I talked to him once or maybe twice on the phone, very briefly, over the rest of the summer. He told me he had to go because had his wisdom teeth out or something, and I thought he was blowing me off.
Fast-forward to October 18, 1991. The night of the big rival school football game. My boyfriend at the time was playing in the game and I went to watch with my best friend and her boyfriend at the time. At halftime, I bumped into "the kid in the B.U.M. shirt" at the concession stand. I'm not sure how it happened, but I ended up sitting with him, like on his lap, on the rival side, for the rest of the game. He had already called by the time I got home that night. I broke up with my boyfriend the next day (on Sweetest Day!) because I had a new one.

We were together, with occasional break-ups, through high school and college, and graduated from college together in May 2000. We moved in together later that year and got engaged. In September, 2001, we bought our house (from my parents. It's the house I've lived in since I was 4) and one month later, we got married. It was five days short of the ten-year anniversary of that football game.

Here we are, eight years after our wedding. We have two precious little boys and still live in that same house, but we're kind of outgrowing it. Maybe when the economy improves, we'll move. It will kill me to leave, though. Not so much the house, but I LOVE my back yard!

Anyway, I love my husband more every day. Those moments when I get to stand back for a second and watch him with the boys just make me melt. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. We grew up together. We learned how to have a fight and get it over with and not hold grudges. I think we respect each other and I think we complement each other. There is no doubt in my mind that this is forever.

On our wedding day, we chose to dance to Bif Naked's "Lucky."

"I know we are, we are the lucky ones."

Yes, we are.

Happy Anniversary, honey. I love you so much.

us on our wedding day

on our honeymoon in Maine


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Cute story :)

EcoMama6 said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Great story! Isn't it so wonderful to re-call the 'How'? My kids love to hear (over and over again) our 'How'.