Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dahlia scarf review

One of the pieces in my Autumn Leaves Giveaway was this lovely autumn flower scarf made by Kathy at the Dahlia Scarves etsy shop.

Kathy was kind enough to make me a scarf as well (I did not pay for it), and it arrived about a week ago. I unwrapped it and boy, is it pretty! I wore it right away with one of my favorite sweaters, and it complemented the sweated perfectly. I wore it kind of in a cowl style:

I also wore the scarf in my hair to church this weekend, like a headband. It looked really pretty but I should have pinned it in, because Jordan pulled it off right in the middle of church, so I had flat "scarf hair!" Oops! I'll know better next time!

Anyway, this gorgeous chiffon scarf is pretty versatile and very fall-y with its brown leaves and brick red flowers. I love it, and want to thank Kathy for sending it to me and also for participating in my Autumn Leaves Giveaway Event.

Kathy has a lot of other pretties available for sale at her etsy shop, too. Click here to visit the Dahlia Scarves etsy shop!

You can follow Kathy on Twitter here.

She also has a blog, which can be found here.

If you're looking for a beautiful scarf to dress up an everyday outfit, something for a formal event, or need a gorgeous handmade Christmas gift for a special female in your life, visit the Dahlia Scarves shop and see what Kathy has for you. She also takes custom orders, so don't be shy about asking.


Anonymous said...

The scarf isn't my style but I wanted to leave you a comment! You are gorgeous!

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