Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jeepers, creepers, fluff n' stuff

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday was kind of a busy day. Logan had school in the morning and then came home and we had lunch, then took off for a drive down to Rochester, which is, as far as I can tell, the closest place I could actually go to find a Bum Genius diaper! There was this sweet little eco-friendly baby store called Green Baby (they don't have a working Web site right now or I'd link it) and they had so much cute stuff! If I was loaded, I could have spent so much money in there!

I browsed for just a few and picked out a green Bum Genius 3.0 diaper, a light blue diaper of another type I can't tell you right now because it's in the baby's room and he's sleeping, and a striped PUL cover. I also got, at Wal-Mart, a lidded bucket for the dirties and a drying rack for the covers (and the inserts that take ages to dry!)

I also received three contoured diapers and three covers in the mail yesterday from someone on etsy, and I'm waiting for two more diapers, a wool cover and a set of wool longies. Once I get the ones I have on order, I plan to write up a review of all of them and how they work. I think I'm going to just use what I have for now (even though I don't have many) and see what I think before making any more purchases because it is getting expensive. I did, however, try one out from an etsy artist that lives in southeast Michigan and I really enjoyed both the cover AND the bamboo soakers. I just want to see how it does after a few wears and washes, but so far, that one has been my favorite.

I am realizing that a diaper sprayer would be a pretty good idea because I don't like rinsing poop in the sink. I wish I could find a good used one.

I REALLY wish I had done the whole cloth diaper thing with Logan so I could have gotten more use out of all this stuff!

Anyway, enough poop talk for now.

We met up with my friend and her kids at the mall and went to this place called Jeepers! It was $5 Wednesday so for only 5 bucks, the kids could ride all the rides they wanted. They had a blast! Logan's favorite was the bumper cars. He was just barely tall enough to ride them, and I wasn't sure he'd be able to drive it, but he did great! He quickly figured out how to maneuver the car wherever he wanted and he was pretty much the only kid that was actively going after other kids' cars and trying to bump them. Of course, with my digital camera not liking any situation that isn't bright natural light, and with a kid that was perpetually in motion, I didn't get great photos, but here are a few. (The red eyes are really really bad for some reason! I don't usually get red eyes with my camera. Maybe the kids were possessed!)

We were naughty and got McDonald's on the way home. I did, however, resist a pop and my old fave the ultimately bad-for-you filet o' fish and just got a plain hamburger and small fry and water. But then we stopped to get Hubby food when we were almost home (yep, two drive-thrus in one car trip. so sad!) and I got 2 pumpkin pies, one of which I ate. Mmmm...

Then, I took a bath in our tub. It was not really all that nice or fun or relaxing, though. The water was gray because I didn't rinse the drywall dust out of the tub, and we have no faucet so the water just kind of shot out of a pipe sticking out of the wall. Classy! Seriously, though. I took a bath in this:

Hopefully this bathroom drama will be resolved soon. It's just that little (or not-so-little) things keep popping up that hinder Hubby in his progress. It's a royal pain in the butt for him and he's SUCH a trooper! I love my hubby. *mush*

So, after my exquisite bath, I went to bed. Jordan only got up once to nurse (YEAH!)around 1 and when the clock went off at 4:45 I dragged my sorry butt out of bed even though I was having a perfectly fascinating dream in which I was Bella in New Moon. I got dressed, ate a banana, went for a 2.3-mile run, went to the gym, did 20 minutes of a weights circuit I wrote, took a quick shower, came home and here I am.

I think we might carve pumpkins today.

So, besides that and housework and being mommy, that's what's up!

Have a great day!